FAQ-Event City Emporium

June 5, 2007

What is the Event City Emporium? 

The Event City Emporium (ECE) is the main Product Showcase of the Event City Network’s Marketplace Channel. A spinoff of TE Products, Retail/Wholesale Gift Stores with Event Industry Solutions, this new bazaar will offer a plethora of products for thousands of the Event City members affiliated with all aspects of the Events & Creative industries.

What’s in it for me?

As a member of Event City, besides all of the unique products that will be available to you for purchase, you will receive discounts, promotions and many other features and benefits associated with the ECE. Your purchasing power just accelerated to light speed!

You will be able to buy:

  • -Decorations & Props;
  • -Food & Beverage items;
  • -Theatrical lighting and Sound equipment;
  • -Costumes and wardrobe pieces;
  • -Art & Photography equipment and supplies; and
  • An incredible collection of unique, custom-created items.

You will be able to purchase any type of product or service within the Events & Creative industries and beyond.

What products and services are available?

ECE expects to be the industry’s first choice for new product development, whether it is a new line of linens, rental chairs, or drink mixers; Lobsters from Maine;Electroluminescence lighting, or wedding supplies; live flowers, decorations and ambiance; audiovisual equipment, or even indoor fireworks. There never has before been a more eclectic selection of products available from one supplier! The Event City Emporium’s merchandise offering will be as diverse as its audience.

Who can join?

Event producers, meeting planners, tradeshow managers, musicians, performers, artists, photographers, photo stores, retailers, music stores, gift outlets, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, delicatessens, cafes, gift basket companies, travel people, entertainers, record companies, corporate buyers, TV & Radio stations, media–the list goes on and on. This is just a sample of many of the buyer/members of the Event City Network.

Why should I join the Event City Network?

Our buyer network and ability to reach individuals–as well as small businesses and major corporations–will assist in developing the greatest online product showcasing tool ever. Our network will only grow and become more diverse as we continue to increase our promotions, marketing and advertising campaigns.

How much does it cost to join? 

There is never a fee to be a member of the Event City Network and (unlike other “membership” oriented facilities)Event City Emporium will not have any charges associated with our online stores.

Event City Network (ECN) will reach the largest population of professionals serving all aspects of the Events & Creative industries. It focuses on distinct market segments, including Special Event, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music, Food & Beverage, Publishing & Printing, and all Associations affiliated with these industries and all of their vertical markets.

The EVENT CITY NETWORK is Productivity at Hyper-Speed for the

Events & Creative industries.